Cort Johnson & Chris Angelus, Hosts

Cort is the afternoon host at KINK.fm, and has been a radio professional for years.  He's been engineering Right at the Fork since we started recording, so he's been intimately involved with every show (we were going to write "guest" instead of "show," but he's a happily married guy with two beautiful girls, and we didn't want to create any confusion).  "This takes the pressure off me.  Now when I start sounding like a blithering idiot, Cort can pick up the slack!  Plus he can edit, so he's my friend!" says Chris.

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Chris has been operating Portland Food Adventures since 2010.  Doing events that have involved over 200 chefs and artisans at PFA's unique community-spirited dinners has helped him establish pretty good relationships with many of the guests you'll hear on the show.  He's also written for About Face Magazine and is now knocking culinary travel with Portland's chefs off his and others' bucket lists.  "Chris brings better food into the studio than Sheila Hamilton does, so I am really happy to be working with him on the podcast," Cort announces, as he wipes a crumb from his beard. 

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