#139 Greg Denton - Ox, Superbite (Bistro Agnes)

With the announcement that Superbite with close at the end of 2017 to make way for Bistro Agnes, Greg Denton joins us to talk about why the change is being implemented and what excites him and his wife/partner Gabrielle about opening a classic French Bistro. Greg shares his experiences leading up to the James Beard Award he and Gabi now hold for Best Chef NW, including the moment they were announced. We also hear his impressions of working side by side with a spouse at Ox and all of their endeavors. 

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#67 Kurt Huffman - ChefStable

Kurt Huffman is a home-grown restaurant entrepreneur, who operates some of Portland's best restaurants.  His ChefStable Group is behind successful spots like Ox, Lardo, Grassa, St. Jack, PREAM, Loyal Legion, Oven & Shaker, Hamlet, and now some properties outside of Portland.   Kurt takes about the state of the food biz in Portland, as well as the current legal controversy surrounding Lardo.