Soundbite - Dive Bars

Wanna drink? No one better to imbibe with than Natalia Toral. She's been a big part of Portland Cocktail week, Raven & Rose, Multnomah Whisky Library and Nostrana, not to mention a ton of great events at places. So, Natalia knows where to get a good cocktail, on the way, or during a hangover. She's cluing us in on some of Portland's best dive bars on this week's Soundbite.

Soundbite - New Pizza Places

Pizza is what home means to you.  However you define pizza, Adam Lindsley has some ideas on some new places to hit.

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Soundbite - Eating Out with Dogs

Well-behaved pooches deserve to experience the best of Portland's dining scene, no?  

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#51 - Denise Breyley - Whole Foods Market

What does it mean to be a "forager" for Whole Foods?  Denise Breyley describes what it's like to hunt for new and delicious foods.

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Soundbite - Beer Bars with Steve Jones

Sometimes you want just a frosty one and a bite, you know?  Steve Jones has some great recommendations for places to grab a beer and get something to eat.

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