#93 Greg Higgins - Higgins Restaurant and Bar

Greg Higgins planted his roots in the Portland culinary world long before the digital world, and the world of social media. You don't see and hear Greg making the rounds on the internets and at events, so it really is an honor to have had Chef Higgins on our podcast.

Greg grew up in upstate New York, and upon landing in Portland, spent a few years at the helm of the Heathman kitchen before opening Higgins with his business partner Paul Mallory in 1994. He can often be found tending his garden and traveling, expanding his knowledge and enjoyment of different cuisines. Greg has a Beard award to his credit, and several books, too. He's a sought after speaker when it comes to so many things having to do with slow food. He's one of felder statesmen of our Portland food community, and we're glad to be able to share an hour with him.

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