#140 Matt Sigler - Renata

We're joined by one of Portland's premier chefs, Nebraska bred Matt Sigler of Renata. We talk about his path through some great San Francisco restaurants on his way to join Nick and Sandra Arnerich in opening Renata, which garnered the Oregonian's Restaurant of the Year status a few weeks after it opened. We hear Matt discuss the pressures that brought to bear on the restaurant and what his influences were that go into making Renata one of Portland's great consistent dining rooms. We also hear from co-owner Nick Arnerich about some of the new additions to the Renata staff, including filling the empty CDC position with former Accanto chef Chris Frazier. This episode of Right of the Fork is made possible by: Zupan's: www.zupans.com Connect with Chris & Cort at www.RightAtTheFork.com